Aluminyze offers a most unique and beautiful option - a gift combining personal emotions, feelings or images presented in a most vibrant, sophisticated, highly artistic, valuable and everlasting work of art.

Infuse your emotions and personal touch into your most remarkable gift!

Aluminyze Your Photo


Facebook Fan , Elizabeth Marie Miller Recieved my second photo from Aluminyze last night and it is stunning! Will be a magnificent christmas gift♥ Thank you so much and will be ordering more in the future :)

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Aluminyze Products

Aluminyze is available in different sizing, shapes, surfaces and mounting options.



5"x5" $19.95
8"x8" $29.95
12"x12" $59.95
16"x16" $79.95
20"x20" $119.95
24"x24" $159.95
30"x30" $249.95


5"x7" $24.95
8"x10" $34.95
8"x12" $38.95
10"x20" New $69.95
11"x14" $59.95
11"x17" $64.95
16"x20" $99.95
16"x24" $114.95
20"x24" $139.95
20"x30" $169.95
20"x40" New $224.95
24"x30" $199.95
24"x36" $239.95
30"x40" New $319.95


7"x30" $69.95
12"x36" $124.95


8"x8" Circle $29.95
16"x16" Circle $79.95
24"x24" Circle $159.95


8"x12" $39.95
11"x17" $68.95
16"x24" $119.95


8" In Diameter $29.95
11" In Diameter $59.95
16" In Diameter $99.95

Designer Shape 1

8"x12" $39.95
11"x17" $68.95
16"x24" $119.95

Designer Shape 2

8"x8" $32.95
16"x16" $84.95
20"x20" $124.95

OrnamentsAvail. Holidays 2015

Ball $19.95
Hexagon $19.95
Snowflake $19.95
Scalloped $19.95
Victorian $19.95
Victorian Square $19.95
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Custom License Plate

6"x12" $24.95

Smartphone Cases

Case TypesIncludes 1 panel

iPhone 4/4S 2 piece bumper $29.95
iPhone 5 case $29.95

Additional Back panel

Panel for iPhone 4/4S bumper $15.95
Panel for iPhone 5 case $15.95


Mini Easel

Included with sizes 5x5 and 5x7


Included with sizes 8x10 and 11x14

Wall Float

1/2" Float $6.95
Included with sizes 16x20 and larger
3/4" Black Float $8.95-$10.95
$3-$4 Add'l on sizes 16x20 and larger

Acrylic Pedestal

8"" $7.95
10" $8.95
11" $8.95
12" Coming Soon
14" $9.95
17" Coming Soon


Silver Surface

Our raw silver aluminum surfacing adds a fascinating semi transparent look to all colors. Whites become metallic Silver, while all colors and details shine with new metallic life. Light plays off of the silver and creates a bright translucent luminance that reacts like a brilliant matrix, reinventing itself from every angle.

Things to keep in mind:

Images will appear brighter under direct lighting but will appear darker when tilted away from light.

Tends to “wash out” areas that contain large areas of highlights such as wedding gowns, a white shirt or table cloth or a bright sunny skyline.

Recommended uses:

  • Bright colorful Photos
  • Black and whites
  • Landscapes
  • Non people photos

Standard White surface

Our bright white surfacing creates a greater depth of saturated color and superior contrasts. Bring out the best in portraits, wedding shots or when you’re looking to add great depth and color to any photo.

Things to keep in mind:

Choosing the Glossy finish with this Surface will be best in order to maximize the greater depth of saturated (bright) color and have the photo "pop".

If in doubt choose white. You can't go wrong with white.

Recommended uses:

  • Photos with people
  • Photos with pets
  • Portraits
  • Bright colorful Photos
  • Black and whites
  • Preserve detail



Release the full brilliance of your Aluminyzed photos. A gloss finish turns up the shine and radiance of any image adding amazing depth and reflectivity.


For your subtler and softer side. A matte finish adds a quieter tone and gentler edge to any Aluminyzed image. When you want brilliance without the shine and a pensive stare without the reflective glare.

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