Shipping Prices

Processing Times

We make every reasonable effort to process orders within 3-4 business days. Faster 2-3 day processing service is available for a fee of $4.95 per order.

Please refer to our more accurate estimated processing and shipping times during order checkout.



U.S. Shipping Prices

                          Canadian Shipping Prices

Cases $4.95 Each Additional$2.48
Cases $7.95 Each Additional* $3.98
Add'l Panel $3.95 Each Additional$1.98   Add'l Panel $6.95 Each Additional* $3.48
Ornaments $3.95 Each Additional*$1.98   Ornaments $6.95 Each Additional* $3.48
Letters $7.95 Each Additional$3.98   Letters $13.95 Each Additional$6.98
5x5/5x7  $3.95 Each Additional* $1.98   5x5/5x7 $8.95 Each Additional$4.48
8x8 $5.95 Each Additional$2.98   8x8 $9.95 Each Additional$4.98
8x10/8x12 $5.95 Each Additional* $2.98   8x10/8x12 $9.95 Each Additional$4.98
11x14/11x17 $8.95 Each Additional* $4.48   11x14/11x17 $14.95 Each Additional$7.48
12x12 $8.95 Each Additional* $4.48   12x12 $14.95 Each Additional$7.48
Heart 11x11 $8.95 Each Additional* $4.48   Heart 11x11 $13.95 Each Additional$7.48

Heart 16x16

$12.95 Each Additional* $6.48   Heart 16x16 $29.95 Each Additional$14.98


$12.95 Each Additional$6.48   7x30/10x20 $29.95 Each Additional$14.98
16x16/16x20  $12.95 Each Additional* $6.48   16x16/16x20 $29.95 Each Additional$14.98
16x24 $13.95 Each Additional$6.98   16x24 $29.95 Each Additional$14.98
12x36 $13.95 Each Additional$6.98   12x36 $34.95 Each Additional* $17.48
20x20 $14.95 Each Additional$7.48   20x20 $34.95 Each Additional$17.48
20x24/20x30 $18.95    Each Additional* $9.48   20x24/20x30  $49.95    Each Additional$24.98
24x24 $19.95    Each Additional$9.98   24x24 $49.95 Each Additional$24.98
24x30/24x36 $39.95 Each Additional* $19.98   24x30/24x36 $79.95 Each Additional* $39.98
20x40/30x30 $49.95 Each Additional* $24.98   20x40/30x30 $79.95 Each Additional* $39.98
30x40 $54.95 Each Additional* $27.48   30x40 $79.95 Each Additional* $39.98

*Prints equal or less in size


Aluminum Edge Mounts: $5.00 per 0.75" thick and $6 per 1.25" thick Edge mount Will be added to the shipping costs.


Notice for Canadian Shipping: Orders with 16x20 or larger sizes (includes 7x30) will usually ship via UPS (as its more cost effective and faster). The duty (tax) is collected COD with a $7-$10 Brokerage fee added at delivery. Larger quantity orders can have a brokerage fee higher than $10. Multiple smaller sizes can also ship via UPS and would fall under the same duty and brokerage as larger sizes. Smaller sizes shipped via USPS can also get charged duty (tax) and brokerage so please keep this in mind.



U.S. Express Shipping

$12 + 20% Retail Price of every print and mount in the order