Free to Print: Nature’s Textures

Aluminyze Team - 2022-08-22 17:11:57 -0400

The World’s Art If you take a stroll outside and pick up any natural object, you might notice something interesting - it isn’t smooth. Nature abounds with incredibly intricate textures that we can see and feel, from the largest glaciers to the smallest shells. One small leaf could be examined for hours. Today, we present our top picks of free nature texture images. Showcase the beauty of nature in your home and bring out its best on metal.   Today, we present our top free images of nature’s textures so you can bring the beauty of the world inside your home. Showcase the...

What Finish to Choose for Your Metal Prints

Aluminyze Team - 2022-08-19 17:46:47 -0400

Finish Makes A Difference Did you know that depending on the finish you choose for your metal print, it can dramatically change the effect of the photograph and what it looks like? Each finish will bring out the best in a specific kind of image.  Let’s dive into the metal print finish options we offer at Aluminyze, and understand which finish works best for which photographs.   Base and Coating We offer 4 metal print finish options at Aluminyze- 2 bases and 2 coatings. There is White base or Silver base, which you can mix and match with Glossy or...

Free to Print: Underwater Beauty

Aluminyze Team - 2022-08-10 15:29:23 -0400

        Images in the Public Domain Did you know that there are thousands of images online that are free to use without restriction?! This is an incredible resource to find beautiful art for your home. The only issue? There are hundreds of thousands to look through. We've got your back! The Aluminyze team issuing to gather the shots that stand out most and look brilliant on metal prints. Underwater Life Scroll through and enjoy our top 10 picks of underwater shots. There’s something about blue and sea life that is both transfixing and calming at the same time, and add so much...

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Wall Art

Aluminyze Team - 2022-08-06 23:15:16 -0400

 The walls of your home are prime real estate. The images that surround you contribute to your moods, thoughts, and ambiance. That’s a lot of power! Here are our top 5 tips on what to avoid when choosing photos to print. 

The Vibrance of Metal Prints; A Trick of Light

Aluminyze Team - 2022-07-29 17:09:51 -0400

Metal prints reveal the soul of a photograph. From the northern lights in astrophotography to the sparkling eyes in a child’s portrait, metal prints create a unique look that represents the true depth of the image and its subject. In traditional printing methods (think paper, canvas, wood), a photo is printed directly onto the chosen surface using ink. The ink becomes stacked above the surface as two distinct entities. With Aluminyze metal prints, the dye that makes up an image becomes embedded within the coating of a metal sheet, creating a luminous effect like none other. Beautiful Alaskan auroras photographed...