A New Pro Experience

We love giving Aluminyze Pro members the best of the best - that’s why we offer free shipping, pro pricing, and 5% back. Coming soon, the Aluminyze Pro experience is about to get even better. Our Aluminyze Pro website is full of new exclusive features, created for professionals just like you.

Spend More, Save More

Our new pro features include tiered savings, allowing you to increase your automatic discount as you continue to shop with Aluminyze. Elevate your Pro status from Silver, to Gold, to Platinum and earn up to 20% off every purchase.

New Ways to Earn

The Aluminyze Pro website features new ways to earn rewards. From referring friends to reaching new milestones, this new reward system helps pros like you maximize savings while doing what you love.

Access to Professional Resources

At Aluminyze, we aim to help you tackle the most common industry challenges with ease. That’s why our Pro website features a range of professional resources: from pricing tools, to contract templates, to photoshoot checklists.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the new pro website work?

The benefits of our new Pro website are exclusive to
approved Pro members. If you belong to the Aluminyze Pro Program, you'll be
able to sign in and start earning!

When you log in to your Aluminyze Pro account, with the same credentials you've used for all previous Aluminyze logins, you'll be able to
see your Pro status (Silver, Gold, or Platinum), view your redeemable point
value, and access new milestones.

Will I still be able to access my existing Pro benefits?

Yes! The Aluminyze Pro website adds new benefits to your existing Pro perks. All of our Pro members will continue to enjoy pro pricing, free shipping, additional supported file sizes, white label packaging, dedicated pro support, and 5% cashback. All existing cashback will also carry over to your account on the Pro website.

How do I know what tier I am?

When you log in to your Aluminyze Pro account on the new website, you will be able to view your current tier - and all of the benefits that come with that tier!

To say thanks for being along for the journey, existing pros will be placed in the tier above their current spending!