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Aluminyze offers the most unique, vivid, and durable medium available to display your most meaningful photographs and artwork. The innovative and revolutionary process, in which your image is actually infused into a sheet of aluminum, yields a rich piece of art that can easily be hung or upraised without a frame for a sleek and contemporary look. Whether you’d like to create an epic piece of wall art, a multi-panel display, or a small magnet for your fridge, we offer a wide array of gorgeous options for you to start or add to your Aluminyze collection. Any questions? Get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help get you started.

Aluminyzed Photos Are
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Frameless
  • UV Resistant
  • Beautiful
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Aluminyze Perfection

Aluminyze Perfection

Every Aluminyzed image is personally inspected by a member of our team of photographers before shipment. With an eye for detail and pride in our product, we ensure that your order meets our highest standards of quality.

Speedy Delivery

Speedy Delivery

We understand how anxious you are to receive your Aluminyzed Photos and Art. This is why most orders are shipped between 2 and 5 business days.

Extreme Customer Service

Extram Customer Service

Our customer service representatives are photography fanatics who are eager to discuss your projects via phone, email and chat. At Aluminyze, our customers are always right AND satisfied!

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Customer Reactions

I ordered an 11 x 14 from groupon. Loved it so much, ordered another one. Truly are awesome!

Patti Wilson Winchester

I ordered 13 prints of the 11x14 size last week on the half price sale, and all are amazing! Tonight I ordered 9 prints trying out a variety of the new sizes, 1/2 price intro offer. I can't wait to see them! I take shots of landscapes, flowers, bugs, buildings and people. I have used both the silver and the white backgrounds, and the white definitely makes the colors richer. Silver is great for prints that are more silvery or black and white with shades of gray. I use a glossy finish on all so, which makes the prints shine.

Karen Brockman Armsby

I saw metal prints in a gallery in Kauai and was blown away. It was in glossy with great detail.

Gary Hanna

I have ordered other Groupon prints using wood and canvas, however after receiving my Aluminyze-- I WISH I had ONLY purchased these! The colors are so vibrant- More beautiful than real life. I will ONLY use these from now on! IN LOVE!!

Alanna Elyce Everett

I received 4 prints and was very happy with my purchase! They are really different from anything else!

Regina Baldwin

I had two pictures done and they were gorgeous. Of couese I had something to do with that. HA. I will do more pictures. My sister was the one who directed me to this site. Thank you sister dear. I have already told many people about this site. VERY PLEASED.

Marlys Brooks

Several photos of chemistry demonstrations came out great. The one pictured involves chemistry and light - phosphorescence ! Cropping the photo was easily done on the web site. Production and delivery were fast even over the holidays and the aluminyzed print was carefully packaged. Great Experience !

Tom R

The first photograph that I "Aluminyzed" brought tears to my eyes because of its brilliance and quality! The most recent project they helped me create includes four pictures of the Grand Canyon. Each print is 16x20" and I loved it so much, I entered it in the world renown contest: ArtPrize 2013 in Grand Rapids, MI. ArtPrize is the biggest art competition in the world and involves over 2000 artists and 35 countries. The big news that I can share is that with this 4 piece entry, I was invited to exhibit at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum during ArtPrize-Sept. 18-Oct 6. What an honor!! Thank you Aluminyze for the high quality work you do to make our art the best it can be.

Deb Drew Brown

I'm love it!

Samuel-Aurea Cintron Irizarry

I've ordered Aluminum panels from other producers across the Unites States. None compares to Aluminyze for quality, ease of ordering, variety of options, and the "WOW" factor. As a business owner/ landscape photographer, price is important. Aluminyze is right where I need them to be for price and for quick turn around on my orders. You will not be disappointed!

Steve "Grizz" Adams

I ordered my first Aluminyzed photo as a gift for my mom. I had it shipped directly to her, so I didn't get to see it, but I was on the phone with her when she opened it, and it took her breath away! She raved about the color and clarity and highly recommended that I order some for myself. I have since ordered many more for my mom, mother-in-law and for our home. Each one is gorgeous, and everyone who sees them is blown away. I am a fan and an addict! Thank you for such a unique and beautiful product.

Ivy Griffey

I was very mpressed with the photo, but also with the packaging. The Aluminyzed photo was in a plastic bag and strapped to a central cardboard layer where it was suspended within a large, thick cardboard box and could not move. Best engineered packaging I've seen to prevent damage.


Received my second Aluminyze order and it is spectacular! It's a Christmas gift for my mom and I know it's going to bring some tears! Thanks again, Aluminyze!

Michele Kraemer Bower

For those of you looking at other sites thinking you can get a better deal, please be ready to be disappointed. Another site offered a great looking deal for a 5"X7" for $9.99 using Groupon. I purchased one and had them do a print of my parents. Long story short, the quality was far less than the one I purchased here! Not even close to the thickness with the aluminum. No stand. On top of that they did not put a layer of white down before putting the photo on the metal. I you want quality, stick with Aluminyze!

Bob W.

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  • The winner of Our Sony Camera Package

    The winner of Our Sony Camera Package

    Congratulations, Angie Morrison! We know you’ll love your new camera and can't wait to see what photos you’ll have Aluminyzed!


  • HUGE Camera giveaway

    HUGE Camera giveaway

    You have just a few hours (Ends 3/20/13) to take part in our HUGE Camera giveaway.


  • What is an Aluminyzed Print?

    Aluminyze prints are images infused directly into a sheet of aluminum using a hot press - a process called sublimation. The result? A vibrant and durable print with unparalleled color and depth.

  • What kind of Surfaces and Finishes do you offer?

    We currently offer both Silver and White surfaces and Glossy and Matte finishes. The Silver Surface amplifies your image by printing it on raw aluminum. The White Surface has a white coating on top of the raw metal and allows for a blank canvas to keep your image true to color. The Glossy Finish enhances reflectivity and shine which adds depth and dimension. For a softer, subdued look, choose the Matte Finish — it will silence the glare and mute the shine.

    Not sure which to choose? Get tips and ideas HERE.

  • Do I need a digital copy of my photo?

    Yes, we only accept digital copies of images. If you have a hard copy of a photo, we recommend taking it to a full service photo lab and having a getting a high resolution scan. This will ensure that your Aluminyzed metal print will be as crisp as possible.

  • Can I hang my Aluminyzed Print outside?

    Anywhere! Since Aluminyzed metal photos are so durable, you will even be able to hang them outside. Our prints are UV resistant and will last up to 3X longer than any paper print. Not to mention they are scratch resistant and waterproof. Mother Nature doesn’t stand a chance!

  • What kind of prints do you recommend to Aluminyze?

    Anything — that’s what is truly special about the product. Aluminyze your old family photos, your artwork or photography, your company’s emblem, or even your high school diploma; the possibilities are endless. With an array of sizes and shapes, we give you more options to create and enhance your images.

  • Where do you ship Aluminyzed prints?

    We currently ship to all 50 States and Canada.