5 Easter Print Ideas

5 Easter Print Ideas

Just because Easter is behind us doesn’t mean the holiday spirit has to go away! It’s time to flip through the family photos you captured all weekend long and select your favorite memories to turn into metal prints. The possibilities herre are endless

Family Memories
Because you can never have too many family photos. Surely someone at your Easter brunch was ith everyone dressed in their Sunday best, so why not create touching mementos of the day for all of your family members! You might even choose to send them out as a unique thank you for attending your celebration. If you didn’t grab a shot of everyone all together, get crafty with it and assemble a fun collage to turn into a metal print you’ll treasure forever!

First Visit to the Easter Bunny
No Easter is complete without its mascot: the Easter Bunny! If you’ve got little ones who’ve just made the trek to the mall to snap a photo with this cuddly creature for the first time, that’s a memory worth encapsulating in metal. You’ll always have a smiling face and fuzzy tail to look back on fondly!

Spring Flowers
Easter happens close to the beginning of the season, so why not use metal prints of beautiful spring flowers to decorate your home? Maybe during an egg hunt you discovered a breathtaking patch of daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, or another seasonal bloom– they’ll add a pop of color to any room!

Springtime Still Life
Don’t throw those decorations away just yet! Easter may be over, but those pastel streamers and floral accents are still in season for a few more months. Assemble a small scene with some of your favorite Easter decorations and snap away until you’ve captured the artsy holiday memory of your dreams!

Easter Eggs
Okay, so maybe you won’t hang these up all year round, but why not get a head start on next year’s decorating? Metal prints of colorful Easter eggs can be a fun way to add some holiday spirit to your home. You can use close-up shots of individual eggs or create a collage of different eggs in a variety of colors and patterns. Feel free to get creative with it!

From all of us here at Aluminyze, we hope you enjoyed your Easter Sunday! Your decor should be timeless and cheery, both of which are characteristics of metal prints – a little bit of festive decor can brighten up a room and the moods of anyone in it! Choose your favorite Easter memory and print it today with Aluminyze!

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