Decorating Your Classroom with Metal Prints

Decorating Your Classroom with Metal Prints

As back to school season dawns on us, parents, students, and teachers alike are starting to think about what tools and items they’re going to need to succeed this coming year. For teachers especially, the beginning of a semester brings the opportunity to revamp their classrooms, setting the tone for their students on the first day of class. We think that metal prints provide a display that’s vivid and durable, the perfect choice for a hustling and bustling classroom that’s predisposed to wear-and-tear. Try spicing up your classroom this year with some of our favorite ideas below!

Learning Zones

Designate different areas of your classroom for specific subjects or learning zones, each adorned with metal prints that reflect the topic at hand. For instance, create a math corner with metal prints showcasing geometric shapes, equations, or famous mathematicians. In a language arts area, display metal prints featuring literary quotes, authors, or illustrations from beloved books. By visually distinguishing these zones, you help students associate the décor with the corresponding subject, fostering a focused and immersive learning experience.

Artsy Alphabet

There is something so quintessentially nostalgic about the alphabet posters that wrap around the walls of elementary school classrooms. Put your own spin on this classic decor by including each upper and lowercase letter, along with one of your favorite things that starts with that letter on 26 small metal prints, then hang them in order on your classroom walls. Maybe you’ll theme it to a particular category, like food, countries, or famous historical figures, or leave it totally random! Regardless, this will create a gorgeous and interactive piece of art for your students to enjoy and learn from.

Thematic Displays

Use metal prints to celebrate holidays in class or immerse your students in a particular unit. Whether it's a study on the solar system, a geography deep-dive, or a Halloween celebration, metal prints can bring these themes to life. Display any related imagery to engage your students in the topic and create an atmosphere that lends itself to learning while having fun with textbook material. Swap out the prints as needed to align with different units or events throughout the year!

Student of the Month

Once the school year gets started, celebrate your students' achievements and showcase their work by selecting a student (or students, if you can’t pick just one!) of the month. Create a commemorative plaque that is easily swapped out every month to feature the chosen student and even some of their best work. This also gives them a tangible memento that they’ll be able to take home and treasure forever!

Inspirational Quotes

Motivate and uplift your students by incorporating inspirational quotes into your classroom design. Select meaningful quotes related to resilience, innovation, or the power of education in bright, eye-catching colors. Print them beautifully on metal and strategically place them around the classroom. You may want to group them together in a gallery-style arrangement or scatter them throughout the space to provide daily reminders of positivity and encouragement to your students!

Decorating your classroom with metal prints is a surefire way to capture the eyes of students and parents alike, and their durability ensures that you’ll be able to use your decor for years to come. Remember to consider the age and interests of your students when selecting prints for your classroom. Engaging visuals that align with the curriculum and resonate with your students will not only enhance the aesthetics of the classroom but also promote a positive and enriching learning environment!

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