Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day Gift Guide

As we begin to round the corner into June, Father’s Day is quickly approaching and it’s time to start thinking about what to gift the paternal figures in your life! If you need some gift inspo, look no further! Here are some of our favorite ways to turn metal prints into unforgettable gifts for Dad!

Family Portrait

An old classic for a reason! You can never go wrong with a touching family portrait immortalized on metal. Choose your favorite shot, desired size, and you’re done! Bonus points if you forgo a recent photo and dig up an old family memory for this one.


Can’t pick just one family photo? Why choose? Create a collage on a program like Canva and print it on metal! This could be a random assortment of happy memories or a curated selection from a specific experience, like a family vacation or milestones like graduation. No matter the choice, this gift will always serve as a reminder of how much fun you have together!

Childrens’ Artwork

Whether you’ve got a young kid or found old artwork from when you yourself were younger, blowing up one of these masterpieces on a luxe metal print is a special way to share your love with Dad. It could be a drawing of your family, a princess stuck in a tower, a speedy racecar, it almost doesn’t matter the subject – he’ll love that it comes from you no matter what.

“Best Dad” Award

Because he is, isn’t he? Give Dad some extra-special recognition today. Design an award – again, we love Canva for its ease and limitless possibilities – and put it on a metal print. Don’t forget to include his name, what the award is for, and the date you’re awarding it to him (psst… Father’s Day is on June 18 this year). Now he can display his epic fatherhood for the world to see!

Pet Portrait

Maybe Dad’s favorite member of the family is a furry friend – we’re not judging! Hire a photographer or have your own photoshoot and snap the perfect photo of your pet. Then, have it printed on gorgeous aluminum and enjoy the endless joy on his face when he sees this silly memento.

Progress Tracker

Maybe he’s tracking the growth of vegetables in the garden or trying to keep up a new workout schedule. No matter the task, a progress tracker printed on metal is a great way to stay on top of it! You may also want to get him some dry erase markers so he can fill out the tracker and reset it as needed.


Write your dad a loving poem or note this year to show your love. Handwrite it and decorate it with any drawings, ribbons, or trim that you have lying around, scan it in, and print it on metal! 

The fathers of the world are going to be grateful for the family time spent together regardless of what gifts they receive, but they still deserve the best! Discover metal prints that Dad will treasure forever with Aluminyze.

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