Revamp Your Office with Metal Prints

Revamp Your Office with Metal Prints

The office space has really rebranded itself over the last few years. The landscape of office work has been slowly shifting for the last five to ten years, with the introduction of supplemental amenities like snack stations, in-office gyms, and even nap pods! However, 2020 saw the biggest change; COVID acted as the catalyst for a new type of office altogether: the home office. While remote positions have existed for more than twenty years, the widespread switch to remote work has really only happened over the last two to three. 

Now, the workforce has options. Maybe you do work from home in an extra bedroom. Or you have a cubicle in an office building. On the other hand, perhaps you run a company. You need somewhere to bring clients in that reassures them of your professionalism and abilities. Your staff needs a homebase that encourages productivity. The workspace is an integral part of your business, and its decor needs to reflect the standards you have set for yourself and the company.

Metal prints are a simple solution to your decorating needs. They are the next iteration of a framed photo on your desk or modern art in the conference room. Having metal prints for your office decor upgrades your office aesthetic effortlessly, as long as you follow a few simple guidelines. It’s important to keep in mind the following points when choosing how to revamp your office with these prints:

Above all, an office is a professional space, and the decor should reflect that. This means avoiding any imagery that could be interpreted as politically charged, offensive language, or any other potentially inappropriate content. Instead, incorporate inspirational quotes or imagery that reflects the values of your company. Any decor should look luxurious, high-quality, and impressive. A metal print is the perfect addition, as its high definition and vibrancy conveys the refinement that a place of business should exude. Keep things minimalist, well thought out, and elegant. (Helpful hint: black and white prints are always a classic)


Don’t worry – Keeping your decor professional doesn’t mean keeping it boring or bland. It’s important to inject parts of your personality into your workspace to keep things light-hearted and approachable. Have a little fun by throwing in a pop of color, a picture of your family, or any images that keep you motivated to work hard! The vibrancy of a metal print will get people to pay attention to your office; the colors shine brighter and the high resolution captures the expressions on your family member’s faces. 


Your office art may look professional and highlight your personality, but if you aren’t able to maintain these additions, that will reflect poorly on you and your company. An office should always look clean, organized, and well-maintained. Fortunately, metal prints make this easy. Aluminum prints are highly durable, being both rust-proof and scratch-resistant, meaning you won’t have to worry about replacing them down the line. Other than that, a semi-regular dusting or wipe-down with a microfiber cloth will keep your prints brilliant for years to come. Metal prints are low maintenance but high reward!

Your office, no matter what form it takes, should express some facet of who you are. Any place you’re spending 40+ hours a week at should feel familiar, comfortable, and properly suited to the work you’re doing. Already have some ideas for metal prints to hang up? Upgrade your office space with stunning prints from Aluminyze.

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