6 in 1 Hammer

It’s all you need to hang your Aluminyze print, but it’s also so much more! By putting some of the most useful tools for around the house in one package, we have created a great all-round accessory for anyone and everyone.

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A Little Help
Around The House

Stop rummaging through your toolbox or hunting for that missing screwdriver. The 6 in 1 hammer is the only tool you need for all of your small repairs around the house. And best of all, when you're done, all tools combine into a single easy to store kit.

About the Hammer

Made from carbon steel, the 6 in 1 hammer disassembles into six distinct tools - the hammer itself, the claw, one Phillips head screwdriver and three flathead screwdrivers in different sizes.

Makes An Excellent Gift

Packaged in a deluxe gift box, the 6 in 1 hammer is a great accessory for your home or a great gift for a friend

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