6 in 1 Hammer

One hammer. Six tools. Made from carbon steel, this elegant hammer contains four screwdrivers - one Phillips and three flat-head - all packaged in one beautiful kit.

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Hammer & Screwdrivers

The hammer disassembles into six distinct tools - the hammer itself, the claw, one Phillips head screwdriver and three flathead screwdrivers in different sizes. These are all the tools needed to hang your Aluminyze print.

Handy & Stylish

Everyone needs tools for little jobs around the house, but nobody wants a toolbox sitting in their living room. The 6 in 1 Hammer comes in an attractive box that stows away nicely until you need it. 

Just Need the Hammer?

Already have all the prints you need, but you’re looking for a great all in one tool for yourself or as a gift for someone? Get the 6 in 1 Hammer

Buy Hammer • $13.95