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Our Mission

Traditionally, aluminum printing has been almost only available to photo professionals. We were a small photo shop in Valley Stream, New York when we discovered the unparalleled radiance and quality of this print medium.

Making it our mission to offer beautiful aluminum prints to professional galleries and family homes alike, we started Aluminyze. We created a flaw-proof, 4 step process, built state-of-the-art labs in our current Brooklyn home, and recruited people who were not just skilled, experienced, and talented, but passionate.

Our people, process, and passion ensures each photo is brought to life with expert care.

Today, we remain on the forefront of industry innovation, guaranteeing quality and vibrancy that you can't find anywhere else, making it accessible to everyone. At Aluminyze we promise to treat every photo print as if it were our own.

The best part: We use only 100% recycled premium grade aluminum sheets that are also 100% recyclable, making our product 100% waste free.

The Alumination™ Process

We start with a sheet of our favorite element, aluminum. The material is lightweight, durable, highly resistant to corrosion, does not rust and is naturally flame retardant, so you can be sure your photo prints will last.

Our process does not simply print on the metal, but we sublimate the particles of color into the metal sheet. This means no smudging , water damage, or scratching on the photo print.

While many conventional printers use various dotted printing methods, we industry pioneers excel in increasing the DPI (dots per inch) to get the highest resolution print possible.

Our Alumination printers fuse the solid particles together, mixing them thoroughly to create exacting colors that are brighter and more accurate than you can get with traditional dye or ink.

The sublimation dye is semi-transparent, allowing the luminosity of the metal behind it to shine through. Then we apply a specially formulated coating to give the illusion of depth.

Our photo prints are gorgeous in a way canvas and paper prints can never be.