5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Wall Art

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Wall Art



The walls of your home are prime real estate. The images that surround you contribute to your moods, thoughts, and ambiance. That’s a lot of power! Today, we present 5 tips on what to avoid when choosing photos to print. 


Mistake Number One: Not Choosing the Correct Print Size for the Subject

If a picture has a complicated subject (eg. a portrait with multiple people inside of it, a busy beach scene), be mindful of the size you choose to print it. Simplistic art looks beautiful in larger sizes as well as smaller ones, but make sure to print complex photos large enough so you can enjoy the art with ease. Ask yourself: “Will a guest be able to understand the general content of this photo from a distance?” 


Hunter of Generation Drop Art, printed 3 20" x 40" Aluminum metal prints to create a large sized Triptych of his complex digital art. 


Mistake Number Two: Choosing Art That Doesn’t Have Meaning to You

Sure, that print of the flowers in a vase you scored at HomeGoods counts as wall art- but does it mean anything to you? Hanging photos that are meaningful to you change your home from one that can belong to anyone to one that's yours. Even if it’s not a snapshot of ourselves or the people we love, we all have those photos that we look at and are immediately drawn to. Perhaps it reminds us of our childhood family trips, perhaps it evokes a feeling and we don’t even know why. Next time you’re thinking of putting art on your walls, think about what’s meaningful to you and what brings you joy. That’s what you want to be surrounded by. 


Chaki Vogel, nature photographer, hung this image he snapped at Mount Mawenzi when traveling with friends in Tanzania. 


Mistake Number Three: Only Hanging Professional Looking Photos 

Professional nature photography and the yearly family photoshoot have their place, but not allowing anything below professional standard onto your walls can hold you back from creating a personal, rejuvenating space. That iPhone shot from a vacation bike ride, the 1985 snapshot of your parents - these might not look as pristine as the professional-grade shots, but they represent the feeling of what your life is really like. This kind of wall art adds color, warmth, personality, and life to your home. 


Mistake Number Four: Staying Away From Unposed Photographs

Peppering meaningful scenes from everyday life (like a black and white image of your children at the breakfast table, or the shadows that play in your living room every day at sunset) add so much quality to your space and joy to your experience of it. With Aluminyze metal prints, you can even add a border around photographs to act as a matte if you want a more minimal and clean look! 


Mistake Number Five: Choosing the Wrong Medium 

When you’re spending money on printing artwork for your home, you want to make sure that it will look good for years to come. The medium you choose to print on really does matter! If your living room gets lots of sunlight, choosing canvas would be a mistake - the photograph will fade. The same is true for hanging wood in the kitchen area, which is exposed to a lot of moisture, steam, and spills. One of the main things we love about Aluminyze metal prints is their incredible durability. Our metal prints resist moisture, fading, scratches, and rust, and are waterproof. They work in any indoor space, with any conditions, and it’s one less thing you need to worry about, knowing that they will last.


Aluminyze metal prints feature highly durable and long-lasting qualities, making them a good choice for any setting.


At Aluminyze, we don’t believe there is one correct way to design your home. With each individual comes unique tastes and that’s what makes a house your home! We are here to empower you to create the space you love, and share the best things to be aware of to help get there.

Do you have any thoughts on these top 5 mistakes to avoid when choosing photos to print? Share your opinion in the comments below!





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