Free to Print: Underwater Beauty

Free to Print: Underwater Beauty





Images in the Public Domain

Did you know that there are thousands of images online that are free to use without restriction?! This is an incredible resource to find beautiful art for your home. The only issue? There are hundreds of thousands to look through. We've got your back! The Aluminyze team issuing to gather the shots that stand out most and look brilliant on metal prints.

Underwater Life

Scroll through and enjoy our top 10 picks of underwater shots. There’s something about blue and sea life that is both transfixing and calming at the same time, and add so much to home decor. Combine that with the special effect of metal prints, and you've got some winners.

How to download images

Here’s how to download the ones you love:

  1. Click on the image you want to download
  2. It will take you to a GoogleDrive link
  3. Download the image from there!

 Are you ready to take a journey under the sea?




A school of fish swarm around sunlight at the surface. The backlight of the sun and the purple / blue hues in this image create a crisp, HDR look. It's exactly the type of photo that metal prints are made for. Works best for this image: glossy white finish metal print.


Jellyfish in motion create abstract-looking art with their tentacles while specks of water in the background create a starry-night effect. Works best for this image: glossy silver finish metal print. The silver finish will shine through the tentacles of the jellyfish to create an otherworldly, astro-photography look.


Another jellyfish winner! Gorgeous textures and motion in the tentacles and arms make this photo one you can stare at for hours. We love the crispness of the shot, and how fascinatingly detailed this jellyfish is. Works best for this image: glossy white finish metal print.


A swarm of fish captured with slow exposure in a dark ocean displays stunning bio-luminescence. The contrast of the fish scales to the ocean makes this shot the perfect candidate to shine on metal. Works best for this image: glossy or matte silver finish metal print.



A solitary shark roams the ocean in this gorgeous, dimensional shot. The proportion of the white sky in this image will create an incredibly unique effect when printed on a matte silver finish metal print. (Did you know: on silver finish metal prints, all whites in the photograph let the silver shine straight through!)


A masterpiece of bio-luminescent ocean life and an incredible capture of the shifting jellyfish shapes. This photo was made for metal prints! Works best for this image: glossy white or glossy silver finish metal print.


An adorable seal peaks its head above the surface of moody waters. Works best for this image: matte silver finish metal print.


Water movement captured, creating a stunning, abstract piece of art. A matte silver finish metal print will let the whites in this photo shine through as pure silver, creating an interesting and unique effect, while a glossy white finish will make it pop.


The regal profile of the dolphin is captured swimming to the surface. Works best for this image: glossy white or glossy silver finish metal print.



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