What Finish to Choose for Your Metal Prints

What Finish to Choose for Your Metal Prints

Finish Makes A Difference

Did you know that depending on the finish you choose for your metal print, it can dramatically change the effect of the photograph and what it looks like? Each finish will bring out the best in a specific kind of image. 

Let’s dive into the metal print finish options we offer at Aluminyze, and understand which finish works best for which photographs.


Base and Coating

We offer 4 metal print finish options at Aluminyze- 2 bases and 2 coatings. There is White base or Silver base, which you can mix and match with Glossy or Matte coating. Mixing and matching these options will produce unique results for your image. At this point you may be wondering, “Which one is best for what? How am I supposed to know what to choose?!” We’re here to explain. Let’s break it down: 

Choosing a different finish will dramatically alter the look of your metal print. Left image is printed on white matte finish while the right image is printed on silver matte finish.

White Base with Glossy or Matte Finish

With a white base, the metal sheet is covered in a white coating, creating a blank canvas for your image. With this base option, colors will show up highly saturated and look true to your original file. Complex details show up crisply and beautifully. White base metal prints are frequently chosen over silver base because it creates a look most similar to traditional photo printing methods, and what most of us are used to.

White Base metal prints work best with: 

  • Detailed / complex images
  • Bright, colorful photos
  • Any portrait

White Glossy finish is our most popular option at Aluminyze. The shiny reflective surface adds depth and reflectivity, creating an incredible, HDR-like effect. The colors pop with high saturation and contrast. White glossy finish will make any photograph shine, and is great for portraits and nature photography.

White Matte finish offers a flatter tone and slightly less color saturation than our glossy white surface. This finish works best if you want to remain true to the original color of the image, but want a less glossy, glare-free look. This is great for corporate settings, art, or if you want a more modern, minimal look.


Silver Base with Glossy or Matte Finish

Our raw silver aluminum base produces uniquely luminous prints by highlighting the natural silver tint of the aluminum. A Silver base brings a fascinating, artistic, and original look to the right photos. The metal shines through any whites of the photograph for a unique look only possible on metal. Since the image is printed directly onto metal, with no white “canvas,” colors can become slightly washed out and finer details might be lost on the silver surface. Silver base does not work for every image, but the images that are a good fit look incredible, better then they would on a white base. 


This simple black and white image of a woman with dark skin tones comes alive on silver matte finish.


Silver Base metal prints work best with: 

  • High contrast images with dark shadows
  • Portraits of people with darker skin tones
  • More simplistic images

Silver Glossy metal prints create a truly one of a kind look. The glossy finish turns any whites of your image into reflective silver, creating metallic brilliance. 

Silver Matte prints create a unique look with a subtle shine. Although the silver matte surface has a metallic vibrance when hit by light, you still get a flatter look with minimal glare and less depth.

The highlights and high contrast in this image make it a perfect candidate for a silver glossy finish metal print.


In Conclusion

Knowing which finish is the right one for your image is essential when ordering metal prints to display your image in the best way possible. Whether you choose White or Silver, Glossy or Matte, each Aluminyze metal print brings a distinctive and one-of-a-kind look you can’t get anywhere else. As much as we describe and show you our example images, the best way of understanding metal prints is to see them in action, on your own art!

If you don’t own any metal prints yet, or have not tried a specific finish, this is your sign! 

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