Free to Print: Nature’s Textures

Free to Print: Nature’s Textures

The World’s Art

If you take a stroll outside and pick up any natural object, you might notice something interesting - it isn’t smooth. Nature abounds with incredibly intricate textures that we can see and feel, from the largest glaciers to the smallest shells. One small leaf could be examined for hours.

Today, we present our top picks of free nature texture images. Showcase the beauty of nature in your home and bring out its best on metal.


Today, we present our top free images of nature’s textures so you can bring the beauty of the world inside your home. Showcase the beauty of nature and bring out its best on metal prints.  


How to download images

Here’s how to download the ones you love: 

  1. Click on the image you want to download

  2. It will take you to a GoogleDrive link

  3. Download the image from there!


Erosion and Slot Canyons

This close up of sandstone at Antelope Canyon, USA creates a fascinating, layered shot, and highlights the natural beauty that resulted from erosion. Works best for this image: glossy white finish metal print to make the highlights in the ridges shine. Glossy finish will saturate the unique colors of the Navajo sandstone.

Gentle Waves

An artistic capture of evening ocean movement creates an abstract, calming image. Works best for this image: a matte white metal print finish will enhance the calming effect of this photo.


Ice Web

The surface of this frozen arctic lake creates a fascinating webbed texture. Works best for this image: glossy silver finish will create an amazing effect and bring out the natural intricacy of the ice highlights. 


God of Fire

This eruption cloud rises over an active volcano. Works best for this image: a glossy or matte white metal print.



Complex wind patterns play an important role in the survival of desert dunes.  By changing wind direction, the sand piles up on multiple sides of the dune so the it is never in danger of collapse. The textures formed are equally as complex and beautiful. Works best for this image: glossy white metal print.

Beautiful Planet, Beautiful Home

Each of these images represents a drastically different division of nature, from minerals, gases, and liquids, and each one will bring a different energy to your space. Which one would you love on a metal print? Let us know in the comments! We can't wait to see your print. Order your own nature texture metal print today and elevate your home.

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