What You Need to Know Before Attempting a Gallery Wall

What You Need to Know Before Attempting a Gallery Wall


A gallery wall adds a compelling, focal design element to any home. It’s one of the best ways to showcase your family’s personality and create a centerpiece of interest. Embarking on a gallery wall may seem overwhelming. We’ve all seen the perfectly curated gallery walls in magazines, online, and on social media, and the thought of getting it just right may be daunting. 

Here’s the good news: your photo gallery wall showcases who you are as an individual, couple, or family. - We’ve compiled a list of things to be aware of before beginning your gallery wall. We hope to inspire some ideas  and help you along your process of creating a beautiful home.
Are you ready?


It Doesn’t Have to Be Just Photos

Mixing different media types into your gallery wall generates interest and texture. It creates a truly unique space that tells your story. What are some things you’ve gathered that speak to the things that you love or who you are? It might be a ceramic plate from your trip to Greece, antlers, shells from a family vacation, a license plate from a state you used to live in, a mirror you love, or  a piece of your grandmother's needlework. Don’t be afraid to get creative! 

Aluminyze customer Cassie Erin mixes different different mediums to create a beautiful gallery wall. 


Mismatching Frames

Pro tip: skip that value pack of 6 black 8” x 8” frames! Frames that are different but complementary add so much dimension to your gallery wall. You can switch up the shape, texture, color, or matting size of your frames. If your style is more modern, keep the same color frame throughout but vary the frame thickness or matting.

We love the different colors, textures, and matting sizes of this gallery wall. Source: Anikapannu.com

Change up the Mediums

When it comes to images themselves, you can use a variety of print mediums to add interest. Use a mixture of metal prints, canvas, regular photo paper, or wood.  

Play with Symmetry 

When we say “gallery wall,” does that conjure the image of 12 square frames lined up in 3 rows of 4? It can mean that, but a gallery wall does not have to be a uniform grid. There’s nothing wrong with having a panoramic metal print of your favorite sunrise shot, a few rectangle pieces of art in varying sizes, and a couple of square photographs. Playing around with different shapes and sizes will help you create something more interesting than a grid. 


 The varying shapes and sizes in this metal print gallery wall add interest and diversity.

Where to begin?

The best time to start working on your gallery wall is right now (“It will be my next summer project,” we're looking straight at you). Start by taking a moment to think of what is valuable and meaningful enough to make it to your walls. Do you have an image in mind from your summer adventures? Start collecting the images, art, and objects you want to hang up. Once you have them all together, lay them out on the floor and start putting things together! Don’t be afraid to arrange your gallery 4 times over to get it the way you like best. And most of all, listen to your inner voice. If you have an image you were sure belonged on your wall, but it isn’t looking quite right, take it out. 

Do you have any ideas flowing about which images you want to print or which objects you want to hang? Each photo you print gets you one step closer to your beautiful, one-of-a-kind gallery wall. Take the leap and start your gallery wall today.

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