The Legitimacy Dilemma; Why Many Artists Don’t Print Their Work


Do you keep meaning to print your photos and never get around to actually doing it? It might be connected to the feeling that your work isn’t good or worthy enough.

Printing art is the epitome of believing in its worthiness. By creating something tangible, you are declaring that your art deserves to be displayed, seen, and talked about. If you don’t feel comfortable with your art or your identity as an artist, you will delay printing your work, even if you don’t totally understand why you're doing it. 

But having your art around you is powerful, and chances are that your art really is beautiful and deserves to be seen. External voices and inner criticism shouldn’t stop you from creating a personal space that you love. 

Even if your work has never won an award or received accolades, you are still an artist. Your point of view, how you see the world, and what stands out to you is beautiful, and it’s a perspective that no one else has. Your camera roll is a million little snapshots into how you interact with the world and what inspires you. Your story deserves to be told, and what better place than in your own home, where you gather with the ones you love?

Whether you take your pictures on a smartphone or a DSLR, what matters is that it’s a photo that you took of something you find meaningful. And that deserves to be shared.

Your perspective deserves to shine, to be blown up, recognized, and discussed with your friends. Printing your favorite shots on metal prints makes your favorite moments come alive again. 

At Aluminyze, we are passionate about printing people’s artwork and bringing stories to life. Every day, hundreds of personal images pass through our studio. Images of children, pets, sunsets, milestones- all turned into beautiful, tangible, life-like metal prints, ready to be hung on walls and brighten up homes across the country. Take a leap today, believe that your artwork deserves to be seen, and print a favorite photo of yours. Trust us, it’s more than good enough. 

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