Transform your Bedroom into an Oasis with these Prints

Transform your Bedroom into an Oasis with these Prints

Your haven from the Rest of the World

Unlike a living or dining room, your bedroom is the place you express yourself for your sake alone. It's where you come to unwind from your day, get away from the rest of the world, and recharge. Even though you might not be conscious of this, every single item in your bedroom right now is affecting its overall ambiance. 

Choosing the right artwork can transform your bedroom into a haven of peacefulness and tranquility. The more soothing the space, the more rested and energized you are. Today, we tackle which artwork elements you can add to accomplish this in your bedroom.

Art that works in a Bedroom

Your bedroom is where you come for calm and rest, not where you want to be stimulated or productive. Creating a soothing, calming environment can be achieved by selecting the right artwork material, size, placement, color, and content. 

Large-scale artwork works best for the bedroom and should be placed at eye level. Collections of smaller art pieces and gallery walls should be kept at a minimum because they can be overly stimulating for the bedroom.

The best art for a bedroom is calming and simplistic. You can choose different colors based on the ambiance you are trying to create, but remember to keep the content calming.

Tranquil scenes, muted colors, soothing landscapes, simple graphic art, and ocean views fit well in the bedroom. Below, you can find free artwork we collected from across the web for the different color scapes. You can download them for free today and print them to add peacefulness to your bedroom. 

Why Metal Prints Work in a Bedroom 

As mentioned earlier, the less complex and distracting the artwork in the bedroom is, the better. While beautiful in other rooms, frames and mattes adds distraction in the bedroom. Because metal prints look stunning without frames, they create more space and less clutter on your walls, making metal prints the perfect candidate for bedroom art.  

Additionally, choosing the correct finish can add a calming effect to photos. Choosing a Silver Matte or White Matte finish for your metal print will add a muted, relaxing energy. Learn more about which finish to choose here.

Create a peaceful space for your bedroom; order your calming metal print today.

Blue: Tranquility, serenity, and sweet dreams

Green: Nature, balance, and harmony

Yellow: Energy, attention, and vibrance


 Orange: Creativity, warmth, and joy


Brown: Reliability and strength

Red: Passion, romance, and adventure



Pink: Sweetness, femininity, and calm

Lilac: Spirituality and creativity



Black: Strength and protection



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