What Mount Should I Choose For My Metal Print

What Mount Should I Choose For My Metal Print

Mounting Matters

You might think that once you've chosen the finish for your metal print, you've done the last significant step in the process. But the next step, choosing your mount, is just as important.
How your print is mounted will impact how it will be displayed on your wall or tabletop and even affect how the image itself looks. In short: the mount you choose for your print really does matter.
Today we will dive into the five different metal print mounting options we offer at Aluminyze: Easel, Float Mount, Edge Mount, Magnet, and No Mount.


The easel mount is a small aluminum easel that comes attached to the back of your print, available for smaller metal print sizes. Easel mounts are perfect for displaying images on a nightstand, desk, shelf, or table. Because easels are small and so easy to place, they make great gifts for family or friends, at home or in the office. 

Aluminyze Metal Prints with Easel Mount come in a range of sizes up to 11" x 17" and are perfect for all tabletops!

Our flexible easel mount allows you to adjust the angle of the easel and get it just right for your preference.

Float Mount

Meet the Float Mount, our most popular option for metal print mounts. Now available in all sizes, this wall mount is positioned in the back center of your metal print, giving your image a floating look when hung. Our proprietary float mount wall hook makes it easy to secure your photo and get it straight on the first try. The floating effect creates a minimalist look with character. Float mount is the way to go if you're looking for a sleek, modern look with a unique effect. 

Our float mount options for metal prints, available in black aluminum, silver aluminum, and bamboo, are made of high quality, durable materials. 


All new product! Our float mount for metal prints are now available for 5" x 5" and 5" x 7" metal prints!

Edge Mount

Edge mounts are a dramatic, bold choice for your metal print. A metal frame (in two color and depth options) is wrapped around the entire edge of the print and sits flush against the wall. An edge mount is an excellent option if you want to add contrast, depth, and durability to an image. A black aluminum edge mount on a bright silver finish metal print adds contrast and dimension to the photo, making it pop. Edge mounts are also compatible with security hardware, making them ideal for more public settings where artwork needs to be secured. 
This vibrant image paired with a black aluminum edge mount in 1 1/4" creates a beautiful contrast and brings out the colors of the print.
Our metal print edge mounts are individually crafted and hand-installed on your print for the highest quality outcome.


With the magnet metal print mount, you can personalize your refrigerator or any magnetic surface with your favorite metal photos! More luminous and unique than other photo magnet products, this mount is perfect for the grandparent's fridge, tool-closet doors in the garage, or a thoughtful present to a friend. 

Keep your most precious memories close with the Aluminyze Magnet Mount.


No Mount

Do you want your metal print with no mounting at all? We got you! The No Mount option is excellent if you plan on placing your metal prints in frames, have your own mounting hardware, or want to use your metal print for a creative purpose, like one client who installed metal prints as her kitchen backsplash.


Choosing the Right Mount

Now that you clearly understand the differences between each mount, choosing the proper one for your print's purpose will be easier. If you have a gallery wall of images in frames, you might want to select the No Mount option so you can also frame your metal print. If you purchase a metal print as a gift, you might choose the Float Mount option because it works for everyone! 

We are happy to chat if you have a project in mind and need a specific, customized mount. You can contact us at info@aluminyze.com.

After seeing the above image examples, do you know which mount you prefer? Order your favorite image with your favorite mount today! 

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