5 Reasons to Create a Collage Print

5 Reasons to Create a Collage Print


Did you know that you can not only print a favorite photo on metal, but  combine multiple pictures onto one metal print? That's right! Meet the Aluminyze metal photo collage. While single-photo metal prints are a classic, a metal print collage can accomplish things that a single photo cannot.

Here are five ideas of how to use metal collage prints: 

Combine a favorite trip into one print

Taking a vacation entails creativity, coordination, and hours of planning. After coming home from a trip you've worked hard to make happen, you'll likely have more than one or two photos that you love. That's where collage prints come in. Pick your favorite moments to create a collage (or two!) that captures the spirit and highlights of your trip. 

An interesting way to display photos 

Collage prints offer an alternative and exciting way to display your photos. Since it's not the most common way to print an image, collages create interest in your space. Building a collage presents a creative challenge; choosing and arranging the photos that tell a story, making for an intentional, captivating piece of art. With the Aluminyze photo builder, you can play around with the number of photos and positions on the collage to get results you love. 

The perfect anniversary present 

Nothing sums up the highlights of a year in your relationship like a collage print. Whether it's been a year of travel and adventure or a significant life change and settling down, telling the story of your relationship is one of the most meaningful presents to give your partner and something you both can enjoy looking over again and again.

Preserve milestones 

Whether it's the first year of your baby's life, long-awaited graduation, or welcoming a new family member, collages are the perfect way to encapsulate an achievement or milestone. Think of this kind of collage as a personal cheerleader on your walls, celebrating the milestones you've worked to achieve. 

Makes the perfect gift

Whether it's of you and your best friend or your children and their grandma, collages are a perfect way to share a collection of memories with a loved one. The best present is quality time, and collages celebrate precisely that. Giving this gift to a loved one highlights the time spent together and how much you value that person in your life. 

And it's not even hard to make

Making a collage metal print with Aluminyze is easy! After gathering the photos for your collage, you can choose your metal print size and number of images (up to 5) and play around with the layout with the Aluminyze print builder.

Collages on metal add a dimension of quality and life-likeness to your photos. Whether it's a gift to make a loved one's day or a celebration of a trip you've taken, take a step towards preserving and highlighting your favorite memories.

Make your metal print collage today!

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