metal print of a lake with trees during fall with leaves changing colors

Fall Photoshoot Inspiration

Fall brings cooler weather, vibrant and warm colors, and ample opportunity for themed photoshoots! Break out that camera and get to capturing content with some of our favorite ideas below.

Autumn Leaves Adventure

Because what is more quintessentially fall than jumping into a pile of leaves? Head to a local park or forest with vibrant fall foliage and capture the changing colors. Have your subject play around in the nature around them and don’t forget to get those candid moments on camera – you never know what might lead to a fun and playful shot!

Harvest Picnic

Before the weather turns cold and snowy, take advantage of the great outdoors and set up a cute picnic for your next photoshoot! Bring a classic red checkered picnic blanket to a grassy meadow and pack a nice woven basket with all of the best fall foods, like candy apples, pumpkin pie, and apple cider. Get cozy and shoot away! Bonus points if you time this photoshoot to take place around golden hour just before the sun sets to give your photos that extra glow.

Pumpkin Patch Perfection

What’s a more nostalgic setting for a photoshoot than a pumpkin patch? We love this option for families looking to do something playful in their pictures, plus the backdrop requires no setup on your part _ all you have to do is show up with your camera! Look for a pumpkin patch full of activities like corn mazes, pumpkin carving, and even petting zoos! The more options, the better, giving you plenty of opportunity to capture the best images.


metal print of a pumpkin patch


If your shoot is taking place before or around Halloween, have your subjects get dressed up in their costumes and get creative picking a backdrop that compliments their look. If they’re dressing up as a vampire, a woodsy area at dusk will give a vibe that rivals the Twilight franchise. If they’ve gone for a cutesy prince or princess look, try playing with their space and create a makeshift "throne" for them to pose in. Additionally, you could follow a family around while trick-or-treating on Halloween night for a fun set of candids!

Apple Picking

Similar to a pumpkin patch, apple orchards are a perfect backdrop for a fall photoshoot. Grab a cup of cider and stroll through the orchards, capturing your subject picking their favorite apples, and even just of the orchards themselves. If you’re not shooting a human subject, even just going yourself and showcasing the beauty in each shade of red or green across the different varieties of apples is a gorgeously simple way to celebrate the season.



From farm to table, take your pumpkins or apples from your other photoshoots and document the baking process from start to finish! Begin with the prep process and take it all the way to the dinner table – invite friends and family over to enjoy your handmade baked goods and turn it into an autumnal potluck of Friendsgiving celebration! Capture the little moments amidst shared food and laughs between friends sharing a meal together, the true spirit of the season!

metal print of a fall scene on a lake, hanging next to a surfboard and camera on a desk



There’s something extra-romantic about candlelight during the autumn months. We love this idea for couples’ photoshoots, especially when done in a romantic setting like a gothic style dining room or even on a candlelit dinner on the beach. Set the mood, sit back, and let the candles do the work for you!

Misty Mornings

Get up bright and early when the dew is still clinging to the leaves and dawn is upon the day to capture this quiet beauty. You may get to capture some morning fog, creating the perfect, moody scene to truly capture the essence of a fall day. Take yourself on a hike and get up to the top where you might even be able to capture the break between the misty sky and the sun peeking though, or stay at home in your garden and get up-close and personal with those dew drops as they slowly dissipate throughout the morning.

Back to School

While it might not be your favorite part of the season, it still deserves to be commemorated! We love this idea for families and college students looking to memorialize the big moments in life. Meet up with your subjects early in the morning before their first day of school and take photos of their first day outfit, new backpack, and everything in between. Encourage them to take pictures like these every year, so they’ll end up with a library of photos documenting every year of their academic lives to look back on!

Coffee Shop Coziness

Throw on your favorite cozy sweater and grab a hot cup of joe for this simple photoshoot idea! Find an aesthetically pleasing coffee shop with good seating and low foot traffic, and shoot your subject sitting reading a book or take candids of them catching up with friends. 

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