Finding Your Artistic Style

Finding Your Artistic Style

Defining your style as an artist can be key to fuelling future projects and your creative brain. While you don’t need to put yourself in a box, even just a light framework for your artistic process can be beneficial in so many ways. But whether you’re just starting out or deep into your career and looking for a refresh, here are some helpful tips to find your inspiration and make sure that it keeps coming!

Go to Museums and Galleries

To find inspiration for your art, go be surrounded by art! Visiting different museums and galleries that feature a wide variety of art styles is a great way to gain exposure to all sorts of ideas and inspirations. Large museums with iconic artworks and smaller galleries featuring local artists are both good resources to take advantage of. Take note of the types of content you gravitate towards and what emotions it evokes. Do you see any art that looks similar to the art you already create? Take your time and study the pieces and artists that you admire, so you can go home and do even more research on them!


metal print of a pink sky next to a vase of pink flowers

Research Art

Once you’ve seen heaps of art IRL, turn to resources like your local library and the internet to find even more art. There is so much content out there waiting to be discovered, especially online, from indie artists and household names alike. You may also want to use this opportunity to research the artists themselves, to discover more about their backgrounds and inspirations to fuel your own journey. You can find copies and images of art to then print out and display in your room as a constant source of inspiration!

Imitation is Flattery

When getting started with your art, many recommend copying art that you like until you get a sense of it for yourself and can start manipulating it for your own unique style. This doesn’t mean reproducing others’ art to sell or pass off as your own, but rather using it as a jumping off point in your artistic process. If you like the linework in a Keith Haring painting, start by tracing or mimicking some of his work to build that muscle memory and eventually you’ll be able to take those influences and create something entirely your own with it. 

Make a *LOT* of Art

This isn’t the time to be afraid of experimenting or trying something new. The possibilities for your art are truly limitless, so let loose and get creative with it. Simply put hand to paper and see what comes from it! You never know what endeavour or technique may unlock the key to your next big idea. Plus, you’ll eventually be able to reflect back on your progress as an artist and even pull inspiration from your old doodles and sketches!


metal prints of a bird and a lizard on a coffee table with 2 vases of flowers

Let it Breathe

Give your art time to breathe by taking a step back every once in a while. Instead of risking burn out by constantly thinking about art, art, and more art, put it out of sight and out of mind every once in a while. Take a walk outside or immerse yourself in nature to get out of your head. Sometimes, the most prolific ideas will come to us when we’re not expecting it, so don’t discount thi as an important step in your artistic process!

Display Your Art

Once you’ve found your happy place in the artistic process and creating works that you love, you’ll probably want to start displaying them! We love metal prints for their durability and vivid clarity that gives your art a shine brighter than diamonds. Aluminum is also a great and sustainable option for those looking to sell prints of their art and share it with the world!

Discover your own artistic style and start printing with Aluminyze today!

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