Sheet of aluminum metal before print

How Do We Aluminyze?

For the Aluminyze team, bringing your memories and artwork to life is our passion. Our innovative printing method allows us to turn your most beloved images into vivid, high-quality aluminum prints that highlight their true beauty. Each metal print that we make is handled with meticulous care to ensure a seamless and luxurious experience from order to display.

We start by examining your image’s quality and color accuracy to ensure it will look impeccable once it’s printed. Next, we’ll custom-cut a piece of metal to your specifications. Before we transfer your image to that aluminum, it is printed onto a special paper that adheres to the metal, ensuring that the image won’t warp or smear during the process.

Finally, our setup is complete and we can begin the sublimation process. Sublimation printing is a process that utilizes heat and pressure to transfer images directly into the surface of an object, bonding images to a substrate at the molecular level. The paper and aluminum are placed in a heat press with temperatures reaching up to 400ºF, which causes the dyes on the paper to turn to gasses and bond with the metal. This results in an archival-quality print that can’t be mimicked on paper. 

Our secret to gorgeous artwork that never fades? A polymer-based substrate developed by Chromaluxe that makes metal prints more vivid and durable. This revolutionary product aids in sublimation by encasing the dye particles within the metal and protecting the entire piece from water damage, UV rays, and scratches. Aluminum itself is also incredibly durable, flame-retardant, and corrosion-resistant, making these two materials a match made in an artist’s heaven!

We guarantee impeccable quality in every piece we create. It takes time and care to produce each of our metal prints, but it is worth it to see our customers’ stunning photos and artwork come to life in such a unique way. Order your print today and see the beauty of aluminum for yourself!

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