Creating a Memorable Wedding with Metal Prints

Creating a Memorable Wedding with Metal Prints

Wedding season is upon us, and we can’t wait to see all of the beautiful memories made on your special day immortalized on metal! The anticipation to see those gorgeous shots can be unbearable, though, so we’ve put together some ideas on how you can incorporate gorgeous metal prints into the celebration itself!


Because that’s where it all begins, right? Set the tone for your guests and let them know they’re in for a good time when you print your invitations on metal. This one simple change will instantly get every invitee excited to attend, or jealous that they can’t make it. Plus, this sturdy alternative to paper invitations ensures that RSVP’s won’t get lost in the mail!

Engagement Photos

You’re the stars of the show here, so don’t shy away from incorporating yourselves into the decor! Consider making some large metal prints of your favorite flicks from that engagement photoshoot you had and hang them at your reception. Not only will these prints be totally unique to your wedding, but they’ll add even more love to the air!


Flowers are *so* 2022. For a funky and unique centerpiece at your reception tables, try printing out some photos of you and your significant other’s happiest moments together and arranging them on your dinner tables. You may want to combine new with an old classic, and create a bouquet of flowers with small metal prints tucked amongst them. 

Place Cards

Take an otherwise blasè and overlooked piece of decor and turn it into a fun keepsake for your guests! Create a design that fits the theme of your wedding and copy it with each guests’ name. Then, add an easel mount to your metal print to help it stand up on the table, or have it lay flat on their place setting. Either way, this small detail will help your special day feel even more luxe – because there’s no such thing as too much!


This metal inspo is something that the happy couple can take home as a memory of the amazing people that came to celebrate their special day. Create a metal print that looks like a page of a guestbook, and leave it out at your reception with some permanent markers for your guests to sign. Now, every time you look back at this print you’ll remember how much love surrounds you!

No matter how you decide to decorate for your wedding, it’ll be a day that you won’t forget. And if your special day has already passed, don’t fret! You can still order metal prints from Aluminyze to commemorate the event.

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