Using Metal Prints for Business and Branding

Using Metal Prints for Business and Branding

Putting your best foot forward when it comes to business matters is key to building good relationships and a long lasting brand. It’s truly all in the details when it comes to presentations, conferences, and even your office space. Upgrading all of your printed materials to a medium like aluminum is a surefire way to add a sleek quality to any business function – try some of these metal print ideas and see it for yourself!

Office Decor

Sprucing up the office has never been easier, thanks to luminous metal prints that will instantly add luxury and depth to an otherwise blasé space. From thought-provoking abstract art to scenic photography of national parks, any image you can fathom will transform on this unique display. The unique sheen and durability of aluminum makes it the perfect medium to breathe new life into the office. For more office decor inspo, check out our post on Revamping Your Office with Metal Prints.


Quarterly reporting has never looked better. If you’re gearing up to pitch a new idea or meet with a big client, dare to impress with metal visuals. We’ve all come to expect a PowerPoint presentation, but consider making a statement with metal prints of your most powerful findings. These tangible displays of your ideas, goals, or successes are sure to make a lasting impression on your peers.

Corporate Events

Time for your yearly corporate retreat? Hosting a conference? Prepare any and all branded materials on sleek and shining aluminum to truly make a lasting impression on your colleagues. From placecards at formal dinners to booth decor at conventions, metal prints are a surefire way to take any corporate event to the next level.

Awards and Accolades

Whether you’re giving out awards for the most sales per quarter or building team spirit in the office with novelty awards like “Class Clown” or “Best Office Style,” create fun commemorative plaques with metal! Your peers will be able to treasure these mementos forever thanks to the durable nature of our recycled aluminum prints. They’re built to last, just like the mark you’re making on your industry!

No matter the occasion, let metal prints breathe new life into your business. Get started today with Aluminyze!

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